Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just an update

Hi. Me again.

I'm sitting at home(in Korea), not doing much. It's been a strange 3 weeks back here-job less. I'm holding out for a 'good job'. I get daily job offers but they're usually for either terrible jobs-or jobs not in the city I live(frustrating.) I've still got the money to hold out awhile longer, but I'm really hoping something pulls through soon. (I'm tracking down 2 potentials as we speak.)

The time hasn't been totally wasted though, I'm working to become the next Korean Top Chef. I've made about 5 or 6 dishes I never thought I'd be able to make. (None of which would make sense translated in English, but trust me they're good!) I even made chili for the Broncos game.(Which I ate at 2 AM, but whatever.)

Anyway, it's been strange because it's the first time in, well, probably my adult life that there's no 'plan'. Which I know can be a good thing, it just feels awkward. I've always had a "In 2 years I will..." Anyway, I've been formulating a few ideas. Small and big, and I thought I'd run them down here. You can pick where the blog goes next!

Here's a few small things I plan on doing as soon as I return steady income:
1) Join a boxing gym here in Yongsan. Jeong claim's there's one here. I'd love to do it. Have to, HAVE TO, do something to work off all this vacation weight I've put on.

2) Join Korean academy to try to get serious about learning Korean. (Only if I'm planning on staying in Korea long term...more on that in the future.)

3) Write in this friggin blog. MUST. PRACTICE. WRITING.

Big plans:
Option 1) Work 1 year in Korea. Move to China...just...because. I like China. I'm interested in China. I think there's a lot of potential in China. After a year in Korea, I'd have the cash to either open a business or just chill in China for a year. It's just be a continued travel thing.

Option 2) Stay in Korea long term. (Maybe 5 years) Open my own small business here in a year or so. I'm not sure I want to run my own academy here, but man there is a ton of money in it if I do it right. Like, a lot a lot. If it worked out right, I could move back to the U.S. with enough money to set myself up very very well.

Option 3) Save cash in Korea for a year. Open hostel somewhere...warm.

Option 4) Get offered a job by the Denver Broncos.

I'm still mulling all of this over. I guess mostly, I just need to start by getting a decent job in Korea before I run out of money!

Anyway, keep checking up here, I'm going to try to just write some of anything. Maybe some 'what I did', maybe some 'what's bothering me these days', maybe some fiction even!

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