Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bufana Bufana!

WHen you're going to be somewhere for 7 weeks, getting the roughest week out of the way first is always best...or, at least that's the positive spin Im putting on the first 10 days here in South Africa. I've been in Jo'Burg, for the most part, sitting and waiting but, to be fair-it has by no means been terrible, save for a few scary/crazy incidents I've gotten myself involved in.
I've managed to meet up with long lost friend/roomate Alex. Happened to be in town for his birthday, so a group of us went out for dinner. Which is definitely one of the big plusses of South AFrica. You can eat at the finest places in town for what-after traveling in Europe-feels like free.
The next morning Alex, his girlfriend, and I went out to breakfast at a nice little bistro. Full English breakfast and coffee for $10 Euros. In Rome you can't get bread and jam off the guy on the street corner for $10 eyros.
This is good. This will keep the spending down. Anyway, the next night I had a bit-massive-scare. I had gone to the super 5* hotel-The Melrose Arch-to have drinks with Michael, Ally, and Michael's friend Kev-who works for a major corp and is doing work down here for the world cup and got Michael and Ally in for free-yeah, don't think they're better than me!
Anyway, got a taxi and headed home about 1:30.
Buzzed the gate to the hostel. (All houses are locked gates in Jo'burg.)
No answer
Nothing Nothing Nothingggg
Finally, another guest walked by on the inside of the gate
"Hey man, is there anyone in at reception?"
"Well, could you help me out and go find someone to let me in"
"No." Door slams as he goes into his room.
(Lots of cussing from me after that.)
Luckily, I had asked the cab driver to stick around-otherwise I literally would have pooped myself right then and there-so I was able to just have him take me back, and I slept on floor IN A FIVE STAR HOTEL WOO HOO.
The next day I was feeling a bit down, so I stayed in the swanky area the hotel was in and pretended to be rich. Trying on $1,200 watches and that. Was a nice morning. Much better than sitting around the craphole Im in at the moment.
Anyway, all this is almost over. In a few days I head down to Durban, which Im pretty excited about. For me, it's 18 days in the same condo-with people I already know. No more moving around, no more constantly meeting new people. Just lots of food, drink, sport and friends. Should be a nice change of pace. Hopefully there'll be more(and better) internet access down tehre, and I'll be able to update down there once or twice.

That's it for now. More after the soccer.

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